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you cannot do anything against bad weather

but you can avoid it that you standing in the rain and it more cost to you, than we offered here.

worldwide Weather Forecast & Archive Data


MeteoCom - Weather Data Manager - MeteoViewer

The project MeteoMap:  Weather with Google Maps API

This side is an application example for today's opportunities on the InterNet and makes weather forecasts and archive data available. Software developers can find something to read under the Developer-Plattform. For mobile communication devices, like mobil phones or PDA's on a ship, such a Web-based solution quickly the costs increase. As so little cheaper, and much more, visit ....


DemoVersion MeteoCom / MeteoViewer download

The MeteoCom is a program to the receiving of weather-dates by Internert and / or Radio. The MeteoViewer indicates the data, like demonstrated above. The details of the data are in particular for the mobile use in the sport and professional shipping. The DemoVersion load data from Internet, but the reception by broadcast is only simulated.


Radio Reception of Navtex, RTTY, Synop and Morse

How you can look above, that the new time has supplied excellent possibilities oneself with weather information. However, the marine is still worked with the conventional weather fax. It likes to be that you have already a computer, but the meteorological services still send radio weather fax. From that also the radio reception of weather fax is in the MeteoCom 6 realized.




The classical weather supply on the ships is obtained still by broadcast. In many countries or on secluded islands or in exotic water, an Internet supply today still is very expensive or really impossible. From that the broadcast-reception is in the MeteoCom realized. In this case several receivers can be operated simultaneously and obtained. A fully automatic reception management controls everything necessary invisibly in the background you last the weather onto the seamap project.


Satellite Images

Of course you can get satellite images from everywhere, but these things are loaded by the MeteoCom automatically and with the MeteoViewer you can use everything better. Because in particular for the fineness of the meteorology tools are built-in, fantastic animation can be started without many pictures being needed.



More Infos

Wetter per Internet, wie man heute Marine Wetter Informationen bekommt.

Wetter per Radio, das Radio ist auch heute noch die üblich Quelle für Wetter Informationen auf See.

Der MeteoServer, der Internet-Server für nautisch, meteorologische Daten und Informationen.

MeteoCom & MeteoTools, bringt das Wetter auf ihren Computer.

MeteoViewer, bringt das Wetter auf den Bildschirm.

RadioFax, Wetterkarten per Radio empfangen.

SatFax, Bilder die nicht die Welt bedeuten.

RadioTelex, Radio Teletype (RTTY oder Navtext)  Wettermeldungen per Radio-Fernschreiben.

EmailBulletins, Wetterbilder per Radio-Fernschreiben.

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