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MeteoCom 6.0

Control for the telecommunication and radio

If you use a Bonito-Program the MeteoCom is working unseen in the background. This program controls all ports in your computer for example the COM-Ports, the RS-232 interface, LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth or the network or telephone connection a direct control off this program is only possible for developers of software.

From the program RadioControl which is for receiving all sorts off weather news the MeteoCom is used. Forn this you need Pentium-PC with soundcard and Microsoft windows. The digital sound processor (DSP) is used instead off the normal Filter-Modem so the quality is a lot better than it used to be. The program works in the background while you for example view the results with the MeteoViewer or use a sea card program, it is also possible that the MeteoCom collects the data in the background. This is called multitasking and is using windows to the full.

It is possible to work with more than one radio at the same time and control them. For example one radio for WFAX, and one for RTTY, Navtex receiver or satellite receiver a download can be started with Handy or Satellite telephone or WLAN and so on. This means other data can be loaded at the same time. a navtex receiver all are read at the same time. The biggest change to the earlier versions of MeteoCom is the internet communication. This to be understood that the internet is just a different way of reception as with a shortwave radio


Program library for software developers

The controlling of the radios and telephone and so on is a complex thing therefore it is advisable to let one program do all this so that the computer does not get mixed up. For the more complicated things such as geometry, mathematics and Meteorology for these you need somebody that has studied, has 25 years off experience and is no older 30 years beside the point that such people are not without work it is very difficult to find somebody like that.

Bonito offers support for the developer of software. On the
Developer-Plattform a free DDL is for their disposal and is also discribed. The program MeteoViewer works with this and the source code is laid open as an open-source-project.

Here a few thigs:

  • Radio-Control

  • The radio reception index

  • Reception events as notification that new data has arrived

  • Production of weather cards, printing

  • Image-Handling, Viewing, Decoding

  • Image-Conversion, Shrinking usw.

  • Vector-Line-Service, these are vector lines,
    as used with sea cards.

  • Grid Data-File-Export

  • Get Grid Data-Field

  • Get Polygon of Field-Plane

     Further information see developer-Platform

The MetoViewer is to be seen as an example function that uses this DLL exactly as 3 party developers can use it.

   Copyright 2011 Bonito Germany.