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OEM-Version for Nord West Funk MRD-80 Marine Decoder

MRD-Software 2.0
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Weather onboard with the Computer
Weather information and nautical warning messages are broadcast worldwide on shortwave. By using the Bonito software this detailed information can be displayed on the monitor. It becomes possible to evaluate complex weather data, even for a layman. You don’t need a degree in meteorology to comprehend a general weather pattern. With the MRD80 and the MRD-Software you can record and display WeatherFax, forecasts, Navtex and CW (Morse code) worldwide. Bonito’s MRD-Software is a program to decode automatically world wide meteorological information via HF radio. The results are displayed graphically as well as in text format.

This program is a special version by Bonito. It is based on the professional program MeteoCom respectively ProMeteo 2.0. The MRD80 software is adapted especially to the MRD80 [and supports no other radio].

Normally, an SSB radio is used with the other Bonito programs. The MRD80 combines radio and decoder; the computer can be turned off and the MRD80 will continue to store the messages and warnings in it’s memory which can be read out later with the MRD80 software. These excellent characteristic, requires also a complete different concept of the remote Software. Therefore a special OEM version was made, which supports the advantages of the MRD80.

As owner of the MRD80 you already know the pros and cons of your equipment. With this software you extend the functions of the MRD80 substantially. Now you can receive and view: WeatherFax, Forecasts, Navtex, and CW in high quality on your computer.

The integrated frequency list gives you access to all broadcast stations and frequencies worldwide. The integrated ScheduleManager gives you access to the time schedules of the broadcasting stations, and you can create a “Job List” using the integrated TimeManager. With the enclosed Bonito-switchbox you can transfer and synchronize the Timer with the MRD80.

All data received are displayed in the ResultViewer while the weather data reception continues in the background. Old data and images can be deleted automatically, if so desired.

In European waters, the use of radios is often the first stage towards the modern possibilities of receiving weather information. This software can be upgraded to the MeteoCom 6 any time, without much strain on your wallet.

Is displayed at the highest resolution, so you can see and analyze every detail.

Navtex, Forecast and Warnings:
are saved fully automatically, pre-sorted by region and displayed by MeteoViewer. For a quick overview all warnings where marked in red.

System requirements:
Computer: A Pentium® processor with at least 450 MHz, a sound card with an audio Line-IN, a free COM-port, Windows® 2000 or XP, 256 MB or more of RAM, a graphics card with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

MRD-80 Empfänger:
MRD80 incl. cable set for audio and optional RS232 for synchronizing the TimeManager.

The software package includes the program on CD, a Bonito-switchbox for the TimeManager functions and the manual.


MRD-Software fullversion 149,-€
Upgrade to MeteoCom 6 320.-€
USB-Serial Adapter 29,-€

You can download a MRD-Software Demo Demo Version
incl. manual from the internet
here .

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