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Communication Technologies

Nautical, meteorological, information and warning systems

Software for Marinecomputing
and HAM-Radioamateure

Bonito is a logo of a German company and was founded in 1976 of Peter Walter in Celle. Peter Walter worked in the field of theoretic, mathematical physics and developed electronics and software for the field, that then still usual short wave sending technique, for the marine and the amateur radio.

In 2.Generation the company was handed over in 1994 to Dennis Walter. Peter Walter works selfcontinuously with the logo Bonito and MeteoServer as a soft- and hardware developer in the background for Bonito and hold all brands and patent rights.

Bonito is a worldwide company that produces soft- and hardware for receiving radio based weather transmissions. They also develop on-board nautical, meteorological, information and warning systems. They are a leading supplier of systems for receiving weather information transmitted over radio, such as WeatherFax, NAVTEX, RTTY, CW, SYNOP, and SatFax images from NOAA GEOS and ESA / EUMETSAT Meteosat. Bonito's product is marketed as MeteoCom and MeteoServer to the marine users and the HAM-Radio Programm RadioCom and this is the leading software product in its class. As well as selling in Germany, Bonito sell throughout Europe and the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, China, Malaysia and Japan and have strong links with a number of radio receiver manufacturers and hold a dense net of dealer.

It is to be foreseen that in the next 10 years the radio sources of the weather endings are changed over to Internet. Therefore Bonito developed new software generation and its own Internet service for the receiving of weather information about mixed sources, like short wave radio and Internet binding by means of data from that nautically, meteorological range. Bonito aimed at it with the MeteoServer a strong weather source of information to its customer to offer off, who is very attractive in the costs.

Particularly it wants to be noticed that Bonito fills the gaps, which did not serve 2005 the weather services yet.

The Senior, Peter Walter (1948)

Soft- and Hardware Developer of Bonito.
Peter is scientific consultant
 by special jobs and own projects.

The Junior, Dennis Walter (1971)

Director and Marketing Manager of Bonito.
Dennis leads the company and carries out the worldwide consultations and negotiations.

The Soul, Jennifer Walter (1985)

    Company Office Director of Bonito.
Jennifer organizes and controls the budgets,  deadlines and makes technical support.

Location of Bonito & MeteoServer

Hier finden Sie uns... 
Firma Dennis Walter
Gerichtsweg 3
D-29320 Hermannsburg  
 Phone: 05052-6052        
 Email: only over mail form

Mo.-Fr. 9.00h - 16.00h
Visit only after agreement

 ®™© Copyright Notice

Bonito and MeteoServer
 are the registered trade marks
 of Peter Walter

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 Coordinates:   52°50´N - 10°05´E

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