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SatFax - SatFax that do not mean the world

Click onto a picture then it will be enlarged

The MeteoViewer uses pictures, that are received with the MeteoCom via Internet. The RadioContol from MeteoCom has an option for SatFax-Receive, but the internet offers a better solution. Because building up your own satellite reception is to costly. But there are special Bonito programs that can do this normally the rotating satellites NOAA-12 to 18 are received because their reception facilities are easier.

But also the direct way using a satellite dish can be used, the APT-Mode is the easiest it uses the analog reception signal more extravagant is the digital reception but delivers pictures with a very high resolution.

Satellite pictures from Meteosat, EUMETSAT or GOES from NOAA are liked to be used for satellite films and give information on the course of the weather and its future direction. Watching the weather by satellite is absolutely essential and is used by professional weather forecasts. Amateurs also use these things as a way of understanding the global behaviour of the weather. The easiest way for the reception of satellite pictures is the internet.

By InterNet this can be realized with very small costs. Therefore, satellite images are loaded only from the InterNet and really received rarely.


The meteoServer on its web sites offers the download of these satellites pictures for free. If you use the MeteoCom a fee has to be paid for using the program and the internet-server. The service of the MeteoCom includes the special preparation of the pictures so that they can display a useable animation.

The MeteoServer has a special picture assignment service that is used by the professionals hereby the pictures are prepared to the wishes of people that give the assignment and are on the FTP site. This means we do not sell any pictures we prepare the pictures to your wishes because the pictures are mostly public domain and are in a raw state and not useable for the amateur or are far too big. Please have a look at the following uncorrected picture on the bottom left and right edges (enlarge by clicking onto the picture 5100 x 5800 ~5MByte) the other picture shows a prepared picture the source is NOAA MODIS.





Such an uncorrected is the original that is why you need some one that prepares it so that you can use it. If you want pictures with a higher resolution then you should use the link list at the bottom and prepare the pictures yourself.

In the MeteoViewer there is a special section under images for a series of satellite pictures are can be used far an animation the past weather is displayed on your screen as a film while you can change the display, zoom or shift the pictures. Most noticeable is the special image transformation used to allow a brilliant display.

link list of public satellite images


Interactive Weather Information


US Navy Research Laboratory

University of Wisconsin

RAMSDIS Image Display Station

Florida State University

Global Hydrology and Climate Center




ZMAG / Austria

KMI, Belgium

METEO France

INM, Spain

Nottingham University

University of Ulm

the ESA Images Gallery

The rest of the world

FY-2      NMSC-China

GMS-5   Hokudai Himawari Server

GMS-5   Meteo Australia

INSAT    Indian Meteo Department

GOEM    Russia - SRC Planeta

AHVRR  Swiss -  Uni Bern



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