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MeteoCom = Weather per Radio

Here the general things are explained of how to obtain weather data with a short-wave radio. This info is actually 20 years old this information that has been adapted slightly because the conditions are still the same. This is a description off a program in the sixth generation. The known options have been adapted to use the newest possibilities of the computers and software generation of today.

Newcomer Info
SeitFor a long time weather information and nautical warnings have been sent by shortwave radio, so that ships can receive them. This information can be displayed on a computer using a decoder-software. Secoder-Software can be got here and there and also can be obtained in the internet as stolen copies. But there is a good reason why such software is not accepted, try them out and you will soon be our customer because once you have bought all the hardware you will not give up that easily and will then get hold of our software. The best quote we found in the internet says:

Other programs at best only emulate part of what this program is capable of.

Only with the BONITO-Software is it possible for an amateur to understand the complex weather data you do not have to study meteorology to understand the weather.

For this you need::

  • A computer with a Pentium-Processor

  • A sound card with a LINE-IN
    or Microphone input

  • a free comport or USB-port with an adapter
    that fulfils a serial port

  • and a Microsoft Windows
    newer older than Windows 95

  • An SSB-receiver, if possible remote controlled. All World receivers can be used such as: Sony, Panasonic, Grundig, Siemens or others with SSB-reception. These receivers can not use time control per TimeManager we recommend controlled receivers such as: YAESU, ICOM, KENWOOD, NRD, AOR, Skanti and so on.

  • A antenna. We recommend a 6m long wire antenna and with sail boots the backstay only if this is not possible as with motor boats we recommend an active rod antenna.

  • A MeteoCom-Version with the program expansion for the radio reception these are the software packs that you can only purchase. The free MeteoCom-web-version has no radio control.


The RadioControl of MeteoCom
In the MeteoCom 6.0 a RadioControl is intergrated. This is a program expansion for the radio reception. The free MeteoCom-Web-Version does not have a RadioControl. This RadioControl is used for the reception of types of weather data. 

You can connect two shortwave radios at the same time and a Navtex receiver. Normally a skipper will only use one channel the reception with two receivers and a Navtex receiver is normally used by professional seafaring people so as to be able to have reception without any problems and safety comes first.
The Digital Sound-Processor (DSP) from the sound card is used von and replaces the usual Filter-Modem. That is why the quality of the evaluation is a lot higher than with anything else. The program works in the background, while you for example look at the already received data with the MeteoViewer or use a sea card program, it is also possible to work with a different program this is called multi tasking and you will then be using the nature of Windows to the full.

The FrequencyTimeManagement
The Radio is controlled fully automatically by timer over an integrated frequency list. All spoken messages (Audio), weather fax, Morse, RTTY and Navtex are decoded and recorded and the new messages are sorted and old ones erased. Because nobody knows what is being transmitted and for which region the weather data is meant a ScheduleManager is integrated, this ScheduleManager gives information on who/ when/ what is sent for which region. The data can be updated from the internet.


Weather card-reception FAX
The problematic with the reception of weather cards by shortwave radio are well known. That is why in the program there are a few accessories that are helpful every shift is possible, bandwidth and every offset. The usual modules for the cards are 267, 288, 357, 576 by 48, 60, 90, 120, 180, 240 rotations per minute. The filters are used to eliminate disturbance.


Telex-Reception RTTY, SYNOP, NAVTEX

  • Synchronic und asynchrony modes

  • BAUD = 45-300 Baud

  • BAUDOT = Standard RTTY


  • SHIFT = 85,170,425, 825 and Variable

  • Filter = Every bandwidth and Offset

Clear text, forecasts and warnings are automatically saved and can be displayed by the MeteoViever.

Synop-Message Reception

The RadioControl uses encrypted data, that are received in RTTY and prepared metrologically and mathematically. This synoptical data is decoded into clear text and placed in to the weather card so that they may be used by the MeteoViewer. The data is displayed as Isobars, Isotherms or as small symbols for Wind, temperature, rain, pressure and so on. 

Morse-Text Reception
The mode Morse code is decoded by a special part of the program otherwise the function is the same as RTTY.

   Copyright 2011 Bonito Germany.