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The Firs steps    deutsche Version

The Bonito MeteoTools.dll is mainly thought for integrating weather details into seamaps. However, it is also for other aplications possible to integrate the complete weather chart opinion since a complete Microsoft-Visual-C++ Project availably is set.
See on
SourceCodes under BonitoMeteoLinkageTest.

In order to integrate meteorological data into an application is to say following:

  • There are 3 possibilities:

         a) The simple means in which only 3 commands are explained.
         b) The complex means in which all possibilities are individual used.
         c) The pure data accessibility in which only the data files are used.

The simple means
You integrate the source code MeteoTools.cpp into your application.
In your start sequence you must insert the command
InstallMeteoServerTool and ConnectMeteoCom and before you exit, should you call DeInstallMeteoServerTool. Then you go to the place in your aplication, where your geographical drawings are brought on the screen. This is normally a CView object of Microsoft at the command OnDraw(CDC* pDC).

  • 3 essential tasks are considered during the drawing of a map:

         SeaLevel: all things which represent the water (Bathemetry, buoys ...).
    SurfaceLevel: all things which represent the country (Topography, country, rivers ...).
      SynopLevel: all things, that lie about both tiers (Weather, synop symbols, ...).

  • For that three commands which are used as follows are provided:
         Draw all things for the SeaLevel and calls up after that
         then draws the SurfaceLevel and calls up
         and if you want to announce still the Synop-data, then calls up

Which data are indicated is dependent on Detailflags. For the selection of such details you need a dialog for the adjutstment. You could select, however, also the Detailflags of the MeteoCom.ini and use. But something like that is not especially convenient. You can find an example of the selection of the details in the MeteoDetailDlg.cpp.

If new weather dates of the background have arrived, you should react to this event. You must retrieve this Bonito-messages, and you must do the action for that.

If you still use MeteoKlickDlg.cpp and the example
GetDataOfPoint or GetSynopDataOfPoint add, then your aplication is endowed with a weather opinion conveniently.
Good, that was it, you can not do more.

The complex means

If you want to realize your own ideas, you must study the Microsoft-Visual-C++ Project BonitoMeteoLinkageTest then. It will be certainly possible to styles some routine so that they fit in your concept. Bonito thought an operative example is better than any description, because this or those can forget a description certainly detail.

The pure data accessibility

MeteoServer Data are useful to commercial customers in a multiple way in order to integrate it into a exist weather program. Such clients have special licenses of Bonito and use only the MeteoServer. For example, some universities use the global data for statistical purposes or also the European Space Agency (ESA) uses the FTP-Service from the Bonito-MeteoServer for global grib-files. It gives also to clients that want that nobody knows that Bonito is involved. Therefore, specific wishes of weather data can be fulfilled at any time.

   Copyright 2006 Bonito Germany.