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File structures, messages and arrays

Following messages are used in the Sytem: see--> MeteoToolsDefs.h, BMSD_Defs.h

WM_CLIENT_LOGIN 	// your application announces that it is started now 
WM_CLIENT_LOGOUT	// your application announces that it is out of service now
WM_METEOCOM_LOGIN 	// the MeteoCom Program announces that it is started now 
WM_METEOCOM_LOGOUT	// the MeteoCom Program announces that it is out of service now
WM_BONITO_PICFILE 	// start the refresch of your PictureFilesList (fax images files)
WM_BONITO_TXTFILE 	// start the total refresch of your TextFilesList
WM_BONITO_SYNFILE 	// start the total refresch of your SynopFilesList
WM_BONITO_DNL_POS 	// if download then set dnl progress 
WM_BONITO_DNL_TXT 	// if download then set dnl progress text
WM_BONITO_DNL_SUMPOS	// if download then set sum progress 
WM_BONITO_DNL_COMPOS 	// if compute then set compute progress 
WM_BONITO_DNL_QUIT 	// was download then set the new situation
WM_BONITO_DNL_ERROR 	// for download error message --> get ErrorMessages.log
WM_METEOCOM_COL_CHANGE // start the total refresch of the color matrix
WM_METEOCOM_DAT_CHANGE // start the total refresch of intern net meteo data reference
WM_METEOCOM_SCROLL_POS // scroll your slider position

Following structures and arrays are used:  CArray-Objekt is a Mircrosoft definition

BMSDLL_DATA 		//the System important points
BMSD_FH	 		//BMSD_FH = Bonito Meteo Server Data file header
BMSDATA_SET 		//BMSD = Bonito Meteo Server Data BMSD_SFC+BMSD_SEA
CArray 	BMSDataSet

   Files with the extension .msd have following structure
   are determined the amount, of the following BMSDATA_SET, from header X,Y resolution

            file contents:
    		1. data header struct = BMSD_FH                 
    		2. then following (X * Y) size of struct BMSDATA_SET * BMSD_FH.layermax
    	file name syntax : YYMMDDHHMMhhhMSDrs_EXT.msd
    	type of file: binary data file
    		YY    = year
    		MM   = month
    		DD    = day
    		HH    = hour = meassure time
    		MM   = minute
    		hhh   = part of forcast hours 000-180
    		MSD  = identify
    		rs     = resolution in minutes 0.25= 15 1=60
    		_EXT = Region Extension USR=USER DEFINE

         	  p.ex.: Data of 06:00 from 2005 26.JAN part 119't hour 1 resolution
    	           = 0501260600119MSD60_USR.msd
BMSL_FH 	//the file header of ISOPLANE's, ISOLINES's and the Coordinates
ISOPLANE 	//plane / layer pointer array
ISOLINES 	//line pointer array - each lines allways a closed poligone it is
COORDIANTE 	//the cordinates set of geograhic location in minutes
CArray 	IsoPlane
CArray	IsoLines
CArray 	Coordinates
   files with the extension .msl have following structure
   BMSL_FH, IsoPlane, IsoLines, Coordinates ... for file name syntax --> see on BMSD_FH
           file contents: 
		1. lineheader struct = BMSL_FH
		2. lineheader.planes   * size of struct ISOPLANE
		3. lineheader.lines      * size of struct ISOLINES
		4. lineheader.points    * size of struct COORDIANTE
The rest of the used arrays:  

MSDFILE 			//Meteo Server Data-File
CArray	 MSDFile

SCREEN_GRID_DATA 	//a simple data field of meteo data for fast screen drawing
CArray 	ScreenGridData

COLOR_MATRIX 		//all of the MeteoCom used collors of data lines and planes
CArray 	ColorMatrix

PICFILELIST 		//images files mini picture, pointer and names
CArray	PictureFileList

RTFFILENAME 		//text files, tree struct pointer and names
CArray	TextFileList

SYN_DATA 		//the radio received synop data
SYN_STATION 		//synop station data and names
BMSD_SYN 		//a combination of BMSDATA_SET, SYN_STATION ond location
CArray	BMSDSynopList

BMSD_LST 		//meteo data, a combination of BMSDATA_SET and location
CArray	BMSDataList

See Also   MeteoToolsDefs.h, BMSD_Defs.h


   Copyright 2006 Bonito Germany.