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MeteoCom Conception  deutsche Version

In the information about the MeteoServer you find some background-descriptions. Here people discuss about the software integration only.

The 1st problem
In order to visualize weather sensibly, a lot of mathematics, knowledge and Computer-Power you need. For holding the transmission times of the and thus the costs necessarily in a as small way as possible it is. A high decomposition of the density is wanted at forecast period as long as possible. Latter one supports the previous one in the strong contradiction.

The 2nd problem
To wish users a lot from seacards a weather integration, so that they can use all information about a single user surface. One weather data integration demands an additional expenditure that is in a normal way very much extensive. The regular getting of the data, the programming and the representation verlang a lot of experience.

What does Bonito suggest?

1. Solution-proposition
The availably set density must be in a very small way held. Yet the data must be edited by a computer so as you get equivalent data and density only more expensively delivered.

2. Solution-proposition
The integration is arranged so that the complex jobs are finished by an external software that is link-editted in single form, by DLL.

Which solutions offer now Bonito for that?
The weather data are loaded from the MeteoServer by Internet and/or received by radio. The Bonito-software is world-widespread in the marine. A combination of seacard and meteo software is therefore compulsory.

Bonito offers a DLL with names MeteoTools.dll. These is used at the time of also of Bonito for weather presentation. Thus it is very simple, the same DLL, to be useful also for the seacard software. A small background program with names MeteoCom organizes the regular procurement of the data, that is the 6nd Version after all and becomes 30 years old in 2006).
The MeteoCom and the MeteoTools.dll communicate continuously by messages and exchange information so that the user aplication can react to the background events correspondingly.

A seacard software must install only the DLL and catch the messages around to react to that correspondingly. The weather then can be drawn with 3 instructions onto the seacard. That is everything. Other maybe necessary things can realize every programmer without Bonito's aid. Thud, is ready the weather seamap software.

Furthermore Bonito still offers specific command instructions in order to design a convenient, individual user aplication. These operation a simple concept's:

All numeric data can be demanded in every arbitrary decompositions or arbitrary coordinate fields. Many data can be supplied also as Polygons ‚drawlable’ whose point coordinates are scaled in geographic minutes. There the drawing of lines and faces that in particular who of a seamap software is been it no difficulties do, when to realize something like that. The lot of work with the meteorological calculations and transformations are passed over here simple, Everything is delivered so as the seamap programmer just needs it. Any map projection is thus realizable.

Therefore, what it keeps you from that to do it tomorrow already

…… Bonito.


   Copyright 2006 © Bonito Germany.