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defined as myBMS_Para


Return Value

    This returned a adress to the structure of the system parameter set BMSDLL_DATA.
     The structure is defined in
    In the MeteoTools.cpp is this funktion defined as myBMS_Para.

     #define myBMS_Para GetBSM_Para()

      typedef struct 
	char 	MeteoAccessDir[512]; 	//the current directory MeteoCom, who the system lives
	char 	MeteoColorDir[512]; 	//the current directory of color register
	char 	MeteoDataDir[512]; 	//the current directory of MeteoCom Data
	char 	MeteoExecute[512]; 	//the current name for execute the MeteoCom 
	char 	MeteoViewer[512]; 	//the current name for execute the MeteoViwer 
	char 	RadioDir[512]; 	//the current directory for RadioControl
	char 	RadioSynopDir[512]; 	//the current directory of Radio Synopfiles
	char 	ImagesDir[512]; 	//the current directory of Images
	char 	TextDir[512]; 	//the current directory of radio reveived Textes
	char 	NetDir[512]; 	//if this set, then is it a Network installation
	HWND 	MeteoComHWND; 	//intern: the handle to the MeteoCom window
	HWND 	MeteoViewerHWND; 	//intern: the handle to the MeteoViewer window
	int 	grid_win_left; 	//intern: the last used left coordinate
	int 	grid_win_top; 	//intern: the last used top coordinate
	int 	grid_win_bottom; 	//intern: the last used bottom coordinate
	int 	grid_win_right; 	//intern: the last used right coordinate
	int 	grid_win_xres; 	//intern: the last loaded data x-resulution
	int 	grid_win_yres; 	//intern: the last loaded data x-resulution
	int 	grid_win_max; 	//intern:
	int 	grid_win_x; 	//intern:
	int 	grid_win_y; 	//intern:
	int 	iso_width[PLANE_MAXTYPE]; 
                                                                //the last array of loaded line width  (PLANE_MAXTYPE == 11)
	int 	refresch; 		//non zero force the redraw in the DrawingTools
	void 	*tmp; 		//intern: 
	int 	meteocom_start; 	//intern (have meteoCom started or was it self standby)
	int 	RadioControlExist; 	//is 1 if a RadioControl exist
	short         GridSize;		//0=small, 1=medium, 2=large
	short         flag; 		//temperure in farenheit=1; 


    You can get the parameter of the MeteoCom-System.

See Also   MeteoToolsDefs.h


   Copyright 2006 Bonito Germany.