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For every developer it is helpful to be able to use functioning examples. From that an example source code is created to BonitoMeteoLinkageTest availably by Bonito. This does not mean on any case that the sources are public domain. Bonito reserves any rights.

The example BonitoMeteoLinkageTest was created with the Microsoft-Visual-C++. Maybe that is not the usual environment for some developer, however. Bonito can not do this better. Bonito asks the programmers of other developing programs for setting their changed example project availably to Bonito so that other developers have it more easily.

Among theFisrtStep the integration is described to the MeteoTools.dll. It follows from this text that there are two variants of the integration - the simple one and the complexes. In this text only the more complex one speaks, because a description should be complete.

Therefore, it will be certainly possible to styles some routine of the example so that they fit in the wanted concept. Bonito thought an operative example is better than any description, because this or those could have forgotten a description certainly detail.

The project BonitoMeteoLinkageTest.zip can you download. If you do not have a MeteoCom installed, then download the demo CD of MeteoCom
MC60D.zip inlc. this developer websites.

A list of the most important files and a short description is following:

File Description
About.cpp The compulsory dialog ‚About'
BonitoMeteoLinkageTest.cpp CwinApp, start of the program, installation of all necessary presettings
... .dsp Visual C6 Project link
... .sln, .vcproj Visual C7 Project
ChartDefs.h some important definitions of the Bonito world card
DrawingTools.cpp The complex variant for MeteoView->OnDraw-> DrawData
(this is not in use, read the comments and changed the corresponding)
GlobalTools.cpp The static global ones variables, addresses and routines that are supposed to be attainable for every class
LeftDialogBar.cpp The service-dialog at the left side. It supports the DetailDialog and the ImageDialog.
lineDefs.h some important definitions of the Bonito world card which the line-definition and small symbols concern.
MainFrm.cpp The frame of the program which manages the messages
MeteoDetailDlg.cpp The variable DetailFlags and SynopDetailFlags, the condition, associate that for: what you want view
MeteoDoc.cpp The compulsory document handling
MeteoFileBox.cpp An under class for the DetailDialog, manages the possible Meteo date files as a selection, which resource is supposed to be needed.
MeteoImageDlg.cpp The example of the representation of the PicFileRequester
MeteoKlickDlg.cpp The maus klick data window
MeteoTools.cpp binding of the MeteoTools.dll
MeteoToolsDefs.h All the definitions of MeteoTools.dll
MeteoView.cpp The window on that the meteo data is drawn
MyNavToolbar.cpp The toolbar to the left, for the card navigation
MyTimeToolbar.cpp The toolbar above, for the selection of the hours and animation
PicFileRequester.cpp The ListControl for the representation of mini-pictures.
RenameDlg.cpp The input dialog for rename
TimeUTC.cpp Certain problems with UTC-Time of Microsoft are solved with this class for Bonito better.


   Copyright 2007 © Bonito Germany.