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defined as myDrawPara

DRAW_PARA& GetDrawPara();

Return Value

    This returned a strcture adress for symbols and sreen grid parameter DRAW_PARA.
     The structure is defined in
    In the MeteoTools.cpp is this funktion defined as myDrawPara.

     #define DRAW_PARA GetDrawPara()

      typedef struct 
	int GRIDWIDTH; 	//grid point width = computings resolution (in screen pixel)
	int GRIDMIDDLE; 	//the middle dot of the quader 
	int SYMBOLGRID; 	//symbol grid resolution (in screen pixel)
	int SYMBOLMIDDEL; 	//the middle of SYMBOLGRID
	int SYMBOLHALFMID; 	//the half middel of SYMBOLGRID
	int SYMBOLTOP; 	//symbol top set line for figures

	//drawing lenghts for a wind direction arrow
	double ARROW_LEN; 	     //the lenght of the arrow
	double ARROW_LEN_MID; //the radius of middle point of then arrow
	double ARROW_WING;    //the wing lenght of the arrow 

	//Figures Font Size
	int FIG_HEIGHT; 	//the Font.lfHeight of a figures
	int FIG_WEIGHT; 	//the Font.lfWeight of a figures

	// the symbol scale
	double ObjectScale; 	//the scale of the symbols - size default use 0.02 /.025 / 0.03 


    You can get the parameter of the symbol dimension.

See Also   MeteoToolsDefs.h, SetGridDimension


   Copyright 2006 Bonito Germany.