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Copyright Notice    deutsche Version

About the reuse of the meteorological data.

It is the concept of Bonito to edit public domain weather data, so that the user can begin with that a little. These data are in such a way edited, that they keep on being able to be used by the Bonito software. The raw data are not offered from Bonito against remuneration. It only the appropriation of the software and the preparation of the data are offered as service in the form of a use rent. It is the main feature of this service channel to carry all data, necessary to process and to make available by Internet of MeteoServer.net, where finally it is read by means of the Bonito-software and made usable together. In particular data and pictures by radio are obtained for the skipper. From considering the respective honesties vitally it is. In particular for the meteorological data attention is to be paid to the international rules (see resolution 40, what the Uni-Koeln-Germany says with regard to that). At the further use the rights of the respective added logos are to be considered by pictures absolute.

It is supposed to be noted down here especially:

  • To Bonito does not offer any weather-data.
    No, Bonito makes his professional knowledge and the tools available
    with those ones one can be useful the public domain weather data.

    For that:
                 Anything is not guaranteed by Bonito under any circumstances.
                 To the data and to the presentation software love therefore always
                 the universally known one weather addition “without guarantee” at.

About the reuse of the software MeteoTools.dll

The permission is given to everyone the Bonito software to be useful provided that he acquired the data of the MeteoServer.net legally. Software developers are not allowed to market the Bonito software. Unless, there is a written permission. The software MeteoTools.dll is not under any circumstances thought for that, other meteorological data, as which to be useful from MeteoServer.net.

The Bonito software MeteoCom is the object which every legal user owns provided that it was registered at MeteoServer.net. Bonito-software is not to be spread into own applications by that necessarily. It is the, there is an explicitly written permission.

Therefore, every software engineer is allowed to use the MeteoTools.dll in order to bind it in his software. It is approved therefore explicitly to establish an own presentation. Condition for that is, however, that in this way is not gone around to use other data, as the ones spread via MeteoServer.net. It is not in particular allowed to convert own data to Bonito structures in order to use the MeteoTools.dll then. Also here it vital one written permission to attain.


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